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Wrecking Command
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Wrecking Command: Warfield

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Wrecking Command Warfield auf CD
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Wrecking Command Warfield auf CD online

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The Greatest Civil War Battles: The Battle of N...
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Never had there been such an overwhelming victory during the Civil War - indeed, never in American military history. - Wiley Ford´s comment on the Franklin-Nashville Campaign As Sherman began his infamous march to the sea, Lincoln instructed Grant to redirect General George H. Thomas´ efforts back to Tennessee to protect Union supply lines and stop the offensive mounted by Confederate general John Bell Hood. With Sherman marching east toward the sea, he directed Thomas to try to block Hood around Nashville. On November 30, the Union army began digging in around Franklin, and that afternoon Hood ordered a frontal assault on the dug in Union army. After repeated frontal assaults failed to create a gap in the Union lines, Schofield withdrew his men across the river on the night of November 30, successfully escaping Hood´s army. Meanwhile, Hood had inflicted nearly 8,000 casualties upon his army while the Union lost about a quarter of that. Despite practically wrecking his army, Hood marched his battered army to a position outside Nashville, Tennessee, where he took up defensive positions while awaiting reinforcements from Texas. Even as Grant sniped at him, Thomas held back for nearly two weeks, partly because of a bad ice storm, and his delay nearly resulted in having Grant remove him from command. When reinforcements didn´t arrive by December 15, Thomas finally devised a complex two-pronged attack that feinted at Hood´s right flank while bringing overwhelming force on the left flank. During the two day battle, Thomas effectively destroyed Hood´s command, inflicting over 6,000 more Confederate casualties while losing less than half that. Upon reaching his headquarters at Tupelo, Mississippi, General Hood requested to be relieved of command rather than be removed in disgrace. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Pattie Shaughnessy. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Lucky Dog Lessons
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Each week on Lucky Dog Brandon McMillan, respected celebrity animal trainer and Emmy® Award?winning host, rescues an untrained, unwanted, ?unadoptable? shelter dog. Within days these dogs undergo a miraculous transformation as they learn to trust McMillan, master his 7 Common Commands, and overcome their behavior problems?ultimately becoming well-mannered pets and even service dogs. With his labor of love complete, McMillan unites each dog with a forever family. Now, in his first book, McMillan shares the knowledge he has gained working with thousands of dogs of every breed and personality to help you turn your pet into a well-trained member of the family. Beginning with the basics, Lucky Dog Lessons shows you how to build trust and strengthen your bond with your dog. You?ll learn how to set your dog up for success by understanding the roles of personality, age, and breed in training. From there, McMillan explains his playful, positive, and kind approach, starting with his 7 Common Commands: SIT, STAY, DOWN, COME, OFF, HEEL, and NO. Finally, McMillan provides solutions to common canine behavior problems, including housetraining issues, door dashing, chewing, barking, and mealtime misbehaviors. Based on proven techniques that simplify and streamline training and yield results after a few short lessons each day, Lucky Dog Lessons shows you how to: Get?and keep?your dog?s undivided attentionUse your dog?s food drive to your advantageAdjust your approach based on your dog?s energy levelUse rewards?treats, toys, and play?effectively Throughout, McMillan shares his favorite success stories: Apollo, a leash-wrecking troublemaker turned star service dog; Grover, a sweet-tempered boomerang shelter dog who overcame severe separation anxiety; and Jemma, who transformed from an overexcited, antic-prone pup to a well-mannered companion. Filled with practical step-by-step advice and variations based on your dog?s breed, size, and temperament, Lucky Dog Lessons provides everything you need to work wonders with even the most challenging dog and create a happy, healthy, and safe environment for you and your four-legged family member.

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