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Pizza Commander
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Mit der Fliege Eddie fliegst Du über eine farbenfrohe 3D-Landschaft, um dort diverse Pizzabeläge einzusammeln. Ob Tomaten, Mozarella oder Salami, Eddie hat die Aufgabe, die Zutaten immer in der richtigen Reihenfolge einzusammeln, damit aus den gesammelten Belägen eine leckere Pizza entsteht. Und ein ausgeklügeltes Bonussystem sorgt zusätzlich für ein lang anhaltenden Spielspaß. Features: 3D-Geschicklichkeits-, Knobel-, Puzzlespiel Herausragende Grafik, trotzdem abwärtskompatibel und auch auf schwächeren Rechnern spielbar 15 Level mit unterschiedlichen Missionszielen (unterschiedliche Pizzen, Zeitlimits, Combos, Hindernissen ausweichen) zusätzlich freies Spiel auf Punkte Diverse Items zur Unterstützung des Spielers Online Server mit diversen Highscore-Listen Die Spielfigur wird dicker, um so mehr Pizzen sie einsammelt

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Forbes, January 5, 2015, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 7...
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Welcome to Forbes for January 5th, 2015 from Audible. This edition Introduces the Members of FORBES 30 Under 30 2015 – Presenting today´s greatest gathering of young game changers, movers, and makers. It contains seven feature articles. In the cover story, we´ll tell you about, ´´Palmer Luckey: Defying Reality´´ – The Oculus Rift has legitimized virtual reality. Now its inventor is 22 years old – and he´s just getting started. Also, ´´From Michelle Phan to Christian Siriano: 30 Under 30 in Art and Style´´ - from the creator of explosively popular how-to makeup videos to the fashion designer-winner of the hit reality show Project Runway, our list of 30 success stories under age 30 in the category of art and style includes an especially eclectic range of people this year. Next, ´´30 Under 30: The Food & Drink Masters Changing How We Eat´´ - the world of food and drink had quite an eventful 2014: Berkeley became the first U-S city to pass a soda tax; gluten-free diets entered the mainstream; and 3-D printed foods gained traction. But the rise of food delivery technology made the largest strides in terms of consumer impact. Then, Xiaomi´s Lei Jun Is Forbes Asia´s 2014 Businessman of the Year´´ - the company he founded four years ago has taken Asia´s vast mobile market by storm. Now Lei is leading a worldwide revolution that is putting powerful digital communication equipment affordably in billions of hands. We´ll also tell you ´´How Fanduel Is Turning Fantasy Sports Into Real Money´´ - Nigel Eccles used a loophole in online sports gambling laws to build a billion-dollar startup. Followed by, ´´Reinventing the Pizza´´ - Sometimes even the most saturated industries are ripe for disruption. Especially when a nuclear submarine commander focuses on the ultimate comfort food. And in our final story, ´´Vivid Vision for Success´´ - Write your own business movie script. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ken Borgers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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